About (LA)DAT

The (LA)DAT project is designed to be an open access resource for data analytics and forecasting of economic variables in north Louisiana, the state of Louisiana, and the Ark-La-Tex region. The expansion of the regional northern part of Louisiana, as well as the larger region, cannot occur without a clear understanding of the economic landscape and the opportunities that the state provides. (LA)DAT is intended to be an open portal for policy makers, business leaders, non-profits, non-governmental organizations, and academics to come together and learn more about this resource rich state through data science.

LADAT.org would not be possible without funding from the Louisiana Tech University Foundation, the LA Tech College of Business, and the Department of Economics and Finance. While these organizations have supported this endeavor, they are in no way resposible for the content of this website. The views expressed here are solely those of the author.

About the Author

Patrick Scott is an assistant professor in the department of Economics and Finance at Louisiana Tech University. His research has been published in the Journal of Macroeconomics, Applied Economics, Economics Letters, the Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, and Empirical Economics. Currently his research examines optimal monetary policy models, interest rate determination, the asymmetric response of monetary policy, and the time inconsistency of optimal policy. Additionally he studies Bayesian econometrics, multivariate time series analysis, forecasting, and state-space modeling. Patrick teaches macroeconomics, monetary theory, and research methods at Tech.

Patrick came to the Louisiana Tech family in the fall quarter of 2016. Previously he was an assistant professor of economics at Missouri State University. He graduated with his Ph.D. in economics from Kansas State University in 2013 with primary fields in monetary economics and econometrics. He studied at the undergraduate level at the University of South Alabama, graduating in 2008.

Patrick lives in Ruston, Louisiana with his wife, Suzanna, and his daughter, Lizzie.

Patrick is an assistant professor at Louisiana Tech University. He teaches monetary economics, Bayesian econometrics & forecasting.